Drop Your Own



We are pleased to announce our new "Drop Your Own" programme where you can design and sell your own jacket exclusively through the Fifty Foot Drop brand.


Once you have sketched up your design, we will create a high grade visual mock up so you can see how your work will look on the product. Once the visual is ready you simply purchase the jacket from our site and we produce the finished item, send it to you to shoot it on models and finally put it up for sale on our website.

We will then send you all the visuals, and links, and you can start promoting your design on your social media.

All sales will go through our website and we will manage all the orders directly to your buyers. We will take a 15% commission after costs and the remaining profits will be yours, sent via bank transfer every-time you make a sale. (usually about 5 days after order)

If you've ever dreamed of putting out your very own clothing designs, Fifty Foot Drop is here to make that happen.

Drop us an email on customs@welcometothedrop.com