It's not everyday you fall off a fifty foot cliff and live to tell the tale....
"Growing up I was a very unique, misunderstood individual, scared to express myself. I was the black sheep. The strange creative kid. The introvert. The failure. Fifty Foot Drop saved my life and then everything made sense.
After a fifty foot fall from a cliff in Cornwall breaking both my legs, I was left severely disabled and unable to ever run, jump or walk well ever again. I was forced to rebuild my life and career from scratch. This was not a tragic happening, it was a blessing, a chance to follow my passion and re-create myself as a human being. A better one."
"I believe style is something that is either there or is not, nobody should dictate what that is, you go with whatever feels right for your soul. I don’t pay attention to trends. I don’t read fashion magazines. Instead, I pay attention to my surroundings and create work that is inspired by my everyday life and memories. Inspiration that is full of colour, vibrancy and risk ”
O C Thomas - Creator
Fifty Foot Drop is not meant to appeal to every single person. It is meant for people who like that sense of flamboyance and self expression when they dress. It is not for people who like to blend in. The mission is not to become filthy rich from mainstream consumers, but to see the smile on peoples faces every-time they buy and wear the brand because they have chosen to wear something different. 
We are living in an era of fast fashion, a throw away society. An era where people wear clothing once or until it falls apart after a small amount of wear.
Fifty Foot Drop focuses on sustainable fashion, injected with huge amounts of passion and originality. Clothing that our customers wear on the street and always get asked, " Where did you get that from?".
Due to the exclusive nature of the brand, Fifty Foot Drop is rarely available in shops or on the high-street. None of the work is mass produced. The "RareWear" slogan means that customers always get something they can feel extra special in when they wear it, as most of the work is one of a kind.
The most crucial part of the brand is that we get to meet our customers face to face, showcase the work physically and travel to various locations across the globe. You can find Fifty Foot Drop at temporary pop up shops across major cities, weekend cultural festivals, and more often, at one night music events held at live music venues playing eclectic vibes such as jazz, hip hop and soul.